A Puritan’s Puritan

John Owen Photography

John Owen, considered by many to be the only real contender to challenge Jonathan Edwards for the title of the greatest theologian of the english language, has become the focus of my interest as of late. I have begun reading volume 1 of his works and am amazed at how little is really known about the personal life of this man who has had such an impact on the thinking of many great christian teachers. “To master his works”, says Spurgeon, “is to be a profound theologian.” And it seems that Owen seeks to exhaust a subject once he engages in it. I am almost daunted, actually very daunted by the task of reading his works but at the same time thrilled about cutting into the thinking of this man still being used greatly by God. (Click on his name above to get a concise biography.) One question that comes to me,”Why don’t we know more about him and who he was?”  I believe for the same reason we don’t know more about the Apostle Paul; because through them we are pointed to where we should be, and that’s at the cross….. to Christ Jesus.


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