Hearts on Fire

God has made us to be passionate people. Not to be people who are carried about with passions, but passionate about God. We were made for His glory, pleasure, and purpose. We see ourselves going against the grain of this everyday of our lives. Oh, if we could keep the focus of our passion on Christ and the heavenly Father who sent Him, we would have one foot in heaven while here on earth. John Piper speaks of Christian Hedonism as what should be the lifestyle of Christians. We should enjoy living for Christ. We should embrace every opportunity for the stirring of our souls. We should not dread suffering, because we know that through suffering we are brought closer to God. Sadly, we get so bogged down and distracted with the temporal. We lose heart at what we did not expect. There….. there lies the problem. We expect. We have placed expectations on this life, beyond that we are going to be saved. If we would but lay down, at the foot of the cross, every desire, every expectation, that is not Christ or of Christ, we would not be disappointed. If we would seek to enjoy that which lives forever, we would not despair by losing that which perishes. We should flee complacency but embrace the affliction that comes to us. Is not God in control, even of our circumstances? Nothing in this life can bring us hope, only He who is the Life. Our hearts should burn for the Lord. He is a consuming fire and we ought to be consumed by Him.


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