Owen on The Glory of Christ

John Owen here points to the glory of Christ being seen in how God made man. Upon man was the particular honor bestowed of an ability to glorify God in a way in which none of His other creatures could do. It’s as if man was the mirror in which God could look into to view and behold His divine image. This is why, ‘man was fit and able to glorify him as God.’

This is the glory of the Christian religion—the basis and foundation that bears the whole superstructure—the root whereon it grows. This is its life and soul, that wherein it differs from, and inconceivably excels, whatever was in true religion before, or whatever any false religion pretended unto. Religion, in its first constitution, in the state of pure, uncorrupted nature, was orderly, beautiful, and glorious. Man being made in the image of God, was fit and able to glorify him as God.

…..And whereas God in that state had given man dominion “over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth,” (Gen. i. 26,) it was all but an obscure representation of the exaltation of our nature in Christ—as the apostle declares, Heb. ii. 6-9. (The Works of John Owen; Vol. 1, page 48)-(click here to read a scanned image of the book)


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