Bookshelves and the Books They Hold

As a woodworker by trade, I love to build pieces of furniture, especially when it’s something for my house. Of all the pieces I look forward to building the most, I would have to say it’s bookshelves. And ‘Why?’, might you ask? Why, it’s because bookshelves hold the things I like even more……books! You see, if I have extra space on my bookshelves, because I have plenty of bookshelves as a result of building more, then that means that I can justifiably fill them with more books, right? Right! Below are a couple of pictures of the bookshelves I have made. Note that there is room to squeeze more books in. If you like books like me, I’m sure you understand this logic. My wife however, gets plenty of cute little digs on me as a result of not quite agreeing with my reasoning.


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