My Young Writer

My son, Timothy, was given a writing assignment in which he had to tell a fictional story about spending a day with someone from history. This is the result of his, hours long, endeavor.

The most amazing thing happened to me yesterday!  I woke up in the year 1860 only to find myself in the White House!  I looked around and realized I was in the East Room, which is the largest room in the White House.  As I walked down a hallway, I realized that the president’s office door was wide open.  When I walked through the door I saw a huge desk and sitting there was none other than Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president!  When I saw Abraham Lincoln sitting at that desk, it was like my heart stopped!

It all began with Abraham Lincoln asking who I was.  When I told him who I was, he told me to take a seat and gave me a glass of water.  As we sat he told me about his life.  In 1842 he married Mary Todd and had four sons, only one son lived to be an adult.  He told me about how he taught himself to read and write and also how he went to law school when he was older.

After that, Abraham Lincoln took a walk with me.  We talked about why people should not be slaves.   He told me that there was a war between the north and the south over slavery, it took place in 1861 and it was called the Civil War.  He told me that he wanted to end slavery so he sided with the people of the north.  Abraham Lincoln told me that Civil War was won by the north.

Suddenly one of Abraham Lincoln’s workers told him he was late for a meeting!  He turned to me and said he was sorry that he had to leave.  Once he went back to the White House, I secretly followed him, but when I went through the doors a shining light came bursting through like the sun was on the other side.   When I walked through the door, I found myself in my room with my two brothers.

In the end I told my brothers and sisters all Abraham Lincoln had done, like how he taught himself to read and write and how he helped end slavery.  But nobody believed I spent the day with him! Then I realized there was nobody in the world who would believe me.  My day with Abraham Lincoln made me feel amazed at everything he had done for America.

-Timothy Phillips


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