Coffee With Cream & Schaeffer

This morning, my wife and I were sitting down, having our morning coffee (is there really any other way to start a day?!?!?) and so I picked up some Francis Schaeffer. See, I like to do a “light” workout in the morning with Schaeffer just before I get into Aquinas in the original Latin. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT; YEAH; NO PAIN – NO GAIN, FEEL….THE….BURN! Isn’t that what everybody does first thing in the morning? UH, CH’EAH

The Truth Is…….
Actually, my wife recently pulled out volume four of The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer, which is the volume dealing with A Christian View of the Church and she has been getting into it on her own. OK, so the book just happened to be on top of a stack of books on the end table where I set my coffee and I picked it up. I was just thumbing through it when I came across the excerpt below which I think is pertinent to the state of affairs in the church today. This quote is from chapter 3 (The Practice of Truth) of Schaeffer’s book The Great Evangelical Disaster.” (emphasis his)

When the Scriptures are being destroyed by theological infiltration and compromise, and equally by cultural infiltration and compromise, will we have the courage as Bible-believing Christians to mark the watershed? Will we have the courage to draw a line, and to do it publicly, between those who take a full view of Scripture and those who have been infiltrated theologically and culturally? If we do not have the courage, we will cut the ground out from under the feet of our children, and we will destroy any hope we have of being the redeeming salt and light of our dying culture.

We cannot wait for others to draw the line. We must draw the line. It will not be easy, and for many it will be costly. It certainly will not be popular. But if we believe in the infinite-personal God-the God of holiness and love-if we truly love the Lord and his Word and his church, we have no other choice.

(disclaimer- I don’t read Aquinas in the original Latin and I’m only pretty sure that his writings are in Latin)


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