The Counsel of God, part 2

Getting back into it…..
In The Counsel of God, part 1 we posed this question to be at the forefront of our thinking as we delve deeper: “When God made man in His image and then says that ‘It is not good for man to be alone,’ to what extent did He mean that, only physically, or spiritually as well and if spiritually, with whom should man be with?” This question will help us think in a way we probably have not ever thought about the fall of man.

One More Thing……
Before we read the next excerpt of John Owen, I am going to go ahead and assert what I believe that the answer to the above question is: That the fall of man, in other words the entrance of sin into creation, though bad to us is what God was pleased with as a part of the means to bring man into a perfected communion with God that we did not have before the fall. Here’s Owen (emphasis mine):

2. God was pleased to permit the entrance of sin, both in heaven above and in earth beneath, whereby this whole order and harmony was disturbed. There are yet characters of divine power, -wisdom, and goodness, remaining on the works of creation, and inseparable from their beings. But the primitive glory that was to redound unto God by them—especially as unto all things here below—was from the obedience of man, unto whom they were put in subjection. Their good estate depended on their subordination unto him in a way of natural use, as his did on God in the way of moral obedience:Gen. i. 26, 28 ; Ps. viii. 6-8. Man, as was said, is a creature which God made, that by him he might receive the glory that he aimed at in and by the whole inanimate creation. This was the end of our nature in its original constitution. Thereunto are we again restored in Christ : James 1:18. But the entrance of sin cast all this order into confusion, and brought the curse on all things here below. Hereby were they deprived of that estate wherein they were declared exceeding good, and cast into that of vanity—under the burden whereof they groan, and will do so to the end: Gen. iii. 17, 18; Rom. viii. 20, 21. And these things we must again consider afterward.

In the next post on TCOG, the excerpt of Owen’s will expound everything we are trying to establish here. Please stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “The Counsel of God, part 2

  1. Deep stuff!

    Statements like these continue to surprise me: “God was pleased to permit the entrance of sin, both in heaven above and in earth beneath, whereby this whole order and harmony was disturbed.”

    It took me awhile to wrap my head around these types of concepts. It finally ‘clicked’ when I read this quote by Sam Storms – “Sometimes God is pleased to ordain His own displeasure.” But, it still surprises me!

    I will be staying tuned.

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