The Counsel of God, part 3

Fuller on The Fall
As a parenthesis to our discussion on The Counsel of God, particularly concerning the fall of man, I found the below quote by Andrew Fuller.

Something to Consider
We are careful not to attribute sin (blame) to God because He is sinless. Many times people do not want to understand that God ordained the fall of man because they see that as meaning that God is the author of sin which would mean that God is sinful. But not so. The author of a book is not a murderer just because one of the characters in his story is a murderer. Let me challenge you in light of this. Let’s get out our bibles and read Romans 9:20-21, then read all of chapter 9, and then with what we just read fresh in our minds, let’s read all of Romans.

Here’s Fuller (bold & underlining mine) :

Was the fall of Adam fore-determined, or only foreseen by God?
The concern which the decrees of God have with the fall of man, has often been the subject of inquiry. I do not see the reason, however, why this particular fact should be singled out from others. There is nothing revealed, that I know of, concerning the fall of man being the object either of the divine foreknowledge or decree. The scriptures declare, in general, that God knoweth the end from the beginning, from which we may conclude with certainty, that he knew all the events of time, all the causes and effects of things, through all their multiplied and diversified channels. The scriptures also ask, Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not? which intimates that the providence and purpose of God are concerned in whatever cometh to pass. The volitions of free agents, the evil as well as the good, are constantly represented as falling under the counsels and conduct of heaven. Never did men act more freely, nor more wickedly, than the Jews, in the crucifixion of Christ; yet in that whole business they did no other than what God’s hand and counsel determined before to he done. The delivery of Christ into their hands to be crucified, as performed by Judas, was a wicked act; yet was he delivered according to the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God. The proof that the fall of man, was an object of divine foreknowledge is merely inferential; and from the same kind of proof we may conclude, that it was, all things considered, an object of pre-determination.

(Fuller’s scripture quote is Lamentations 3:37)
To get a ‘Fuller’ theology, click here


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