Spurgeon On Contending For Truth

Can you guess who said this?????? Leave a comment to guess! I’m sure this will be pretty easy. I’ll reveal who it is by tomorrow night.

As good stewards, we must maintain the cause of truth against all comers. ‘Never get into religious controversies,’ says one; that is to say, being interpreted, ‘Be a Christian soldier, but let your sword rust in its scabbard, and sneak into Heaven like a coward.’ Such advice I cannot endorse. If God has called you by the truth, maintain the truth which has been the means of your salvation. We are not to be pugnacious, always contending for every crotchet of our own; but wherein we have learned the truth of the Holy Spirit, we are not tamely to see that standard torn down which our fathers upheld at the peril of their lives. This is an age in which truth must be maintained zealously, vehemently, continually. Playing fast and loose, as many do, believing this to-day and that to-morrow, is the sure mark of children of wrath; but having received the truth, to hold fast the very form of it, as Paul bids Timothy to do, is one of the duty of heirs of Heaven. Stand fast for truth, and may God give the victory to the faithful.

C.H. Spurgeon, from his autobiography


5 thoughts on “Spurgeon On Contending For Truth

  1. Hmmm…for some reason the tail end of the above link didn’t get recognized. Sorry about that. If you are interested, it looks like you’ll have to cut and paste into your browser.

  2. Nice morsel on Spurgeon, very good! I will probably post the quote myself I liked it so much. I love how Spurgeon stressed the Puritans so often. My interest in them stems largely from his seemingly constant endorsements of them in his writings.

    Also, if you are reading the ‘Banner of Truth’ edition of Spurgeon’s autobiography, the quote I took from him is on page 470 in volume 1, a prelude quote to chapter 32 concerning the “Down-grade”.

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