The Proper Use of Reason

Nothing is more certain than that there must be an unmade and unlimited being.

[Reason] is to determine that there is a God and that He is an infinitely perfect being and that the Scripture is His word.

Jonathan Edwards

Infinitely perfect, I love that. That’s almost a paradox in itself. Perfection implies completeness as if to say God is contained, but the pre-qualifier infinitely tells us of God’s boundless perfection. God is not contained, but He is perfect. The perfection of God rests in  His constant immutability. It is impossible for the source of Light to cast a shadow.

Edwards’ boldness to demand the proper use of the tool Reason can be used as a springboard in reminding us to ask, “What are we here for?” Obviously, not for ourselves. Reason is the tool God has given us in understanding what He has revealed about Himself so that we may enjoy Him.


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