Why Do We Read Stories of Sin?

This will make your seat move under you….

You have never been guilty of adultery? All right. Would you then answer me this simple question. Why do you read all the details of divorce cases in the newspapers? Why do you do it? Why is it essential that you read right through these reports? What is your interest? It is not a legal interest, is it? or a social one? What is it? There is only one answer: you are enjoying it. You would not dream of doing these things yourself, but you are doing them by proxy. You are sinning in your heart and mind and in your imagination, and you are therefore guilty of adultery. That is what Christ says. How subtle this awful, terrible thing is! How often do men sin by reading novels and biographies. You read the reviews of a book and find that it contains something about a man’s misconduct or behavior, and you buy it. We pretend we have a general philosophical interest in life, and that we are sociologists reading out of pure interest. No, no; it is because we love the thing; we like it. It is sin in the heart; sin in the mind!

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

So with that said, who really has not committed adultery? Or what sin for that matter can be excluded with this analogy? This should help to end the wagging of the heads of us self-righteous Christians who have the Spirit of God reprimanding the seared consciences of our line gazing, judging the actions of others versus the intents of our own hearts. Not one of us has a heart that is not “deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked

But that’s just my opinion…….


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Read Stories of Sin?

  1. Hey Landry, I felt the same way as I read it the first time. I felt as though I needed to stand up and start preaching it as I read. Powerful, powerful stuff.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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