The Sin of Anxiety

“casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”

The children of the Lord are subject to much sinful anxiety in following of their duty; which appears when they are hindered from their duty by looking more to their own weakness and the difficulties in the way of duty, than to the sufficiency promised by Him that calls them to it….

The Lord allows His children to cast upon Him all their anxieties, both such about their souls and matters of highest concernment, and those about their bodies and lesser matters: however small the thing be whereabout their heart becomes anxious, He allows them to commit the same to Him; for He knows that a very small matter is ready to occasion much vexation of spirit of His own.

It is not only the privilege of believers that they may dis-burden themselves of their distrustful heart-dividing cares by casting them over upon the Lord; but it is also the very great desire of our God that we should not sink under the insupportable burden of our own needless cares and fears.

Mis-believing anxiety, whereby Christians break themselves with the burden of these cares which God requires to be cast upon Him, is one of the greatest signs of pride in the world; and to trust God with the weight of these in following our duty is a prime evidence of true humility….

Alexander Nisbet, 1&2 Peter Commentary


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