Warfield on Darwinian Evolution

B.B. Warfield commenting on Darwinian Evolution:

Logically unassailable as the theory is, however, so soon as we presume that this process has actually gone on, we find ourselves faced with many difficulties. The difficulties are important – or let us frankly say, as it seems to us, are destructive of the theory…….

The formal completeness of the logical theory of Darwinism is fairly matched, therefore, by its almost ludicrous actual incompetence for the work asked of it.


One thought on “Warfield on Darwinian Evolution

  1. In the intervening years, the logical unassailability has moved to an assault on logic, particularly in the realm of the origin of the first “lifeform” which I believe Darwin did not tackle. There logic becomes circular as the evolutionist assumes certain conditions, does the experiment, and because the results at least move in the direction he wants, he assumes to truth of the original assumptions, ignoring other possible causes or explanations for his results, and extrapolating way beyond the data.

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