Abortion, A Display of Arminianism

Pro-Choice Huh?
I have recently come to realize that the abortion issue (sin) could be reduced to what John Owen called and entitled a work of his, named A Display of Arminianism. If you notice, that the name proponents of abortion have given their agenda is Pro-Choice. Pro-choice indeed! Isn’t it interesting that this is the name bannered by that side as the rallying cry for their cause to ignore the choice of the unborn? Of all names to give it, it has been given a name that expresses mans desire to sovereign himself seeking to be like God. At the beginning of Owen’s masterful work, he opens with what I believe, speaks to this very issue.

The soul of man, by reason of the corruption of nature, is not only darkened with a mist of ignorance, whereby he is disenabled for the comprehending of divine truth, but is also armed with prejudice and opposition against some parts thereof, which are either most above or most contrary to some false principles which he hath framed unto himself. As a desire of self-sufficiency was the first cause of this infirmity, so a conceit thereof is that wherewith he still languisheth; nothing doth he more contend for than an independency of any supreme power, which might either help, hinder, or control him in his actions. This is that bitter root from whence have sprung all those heresies and wretched contentions which have troubled the church, concerning the power of man in working his own happiness, and his exemption from the over-ruling providence of Almighty God.

John Owen, A Display of Arminianism, Volume 10


4 thoughts on “Abortion, A Display of Arminianism

  1. That was a great post Thomas! We might ask when someone is claiming their right to freewill, “Free from what?” Jesus said that the Truth sets us free. Until then, we are slaves.

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