God, The Completer

Do you think that the hand of divine wisdom will sketch the Christian and not fill up the details? Hath God taken us as unhewn stones out of the quarry, and hath he begun to work upon us, and show his divine art, his marvellous wisdom and grace, and will he afterwards cast us away? Shall God fail? Shall he leave his works imperfect? Point, if you can, my hearers, to a world which God has cast away unfinished. Is there one speck in his creation where God hath begun to build but was not able to complete? Hath he made a single angel deficient? Is there one creature over which it cannot be said, “This is very good?” And shall it be said over the creature twice made—the chosen of God, the blood-bought—shall it be said, “The Spirit began to work in this man’s heart, but the man was mightier than the Spirit, and sin conquered grace?” Oh, my dear brethren, the prayer shall be fulfilled. After that ye have suffered awhile, God shall make you perfect if he has begun the good work in you. But, beloved, it must be after that ye have suffered awhile. Ye cannot be perfected except by the fire. There is no way of ridding you of your dross and your tin but by the flames of the furnace of affliction.

-Charles Spurgeon, from a sermon entitled A New-Years Benediction preached on Jan 1, 1860


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