The ‘Pride of Life’ Mortified Last

Proud nature thinketh itself somebody, when it can get into a chair of arrogance, and cast out censures according to its own will and pleasure, as if God hath advanced us into some higher rank and sphere, and all the world had been made to be our scholars. It suiteth with self-love, because it diverteth the care of our souls; they that so narrowly look after the mote, forget the beam. And it strengtheneth self-conceit; so many evils in others make our own the less odious. It serveth vainglory, and provideth for our esteem abroad; we demolish the esteem of others, that out of the ruins of it we may raise a structure of praise to ourselves. Now all these evils are in the best of God’s children. ‘Pride of life’ is last mentioned, 1 John ii. 16, because it is last mortified; it groweth with the decrease of other sins, and thriveth by their decay.

-Thomas Manton, Exposition on James, page 272

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