Reformed, and Proud!

There is nothing wrong with having zeal for Reformed theology, but it is altogether an issue of wicked pride when that zeal engenders in us the arrogance which would promote us to a zealot. We think we are so very clever. We have all the answers, don’t we? But should not this knowledge that opens for us a more visual understanding of the very nature of God bring about in us more compassion for others? Do we, as Reformed believers, “hold the truth in unrighteousness?” Truth that is used devoid of love is that which destroys, but truth that is mixed with love is that which builds. Do we care only for the winning of the argument? Or do we care for the winning of the soul or perhaps even our brother? If we seek to love first, we will know how to use the truth when it is being petitioned for.

I leave you with this as Charles Troutman once complained:

They are ready to die for the “Reformed Faith”, but are quite pleased to curse everyone else.


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