Supplications in Walking With God

Owen saw that there were only two things worthy of our supplications toward God in being His enabling us to walk with Him. He is God and we are to follow Him. His sovereignty dictates our circumstance. Anything we need to walk with Him will fall into two categories. “God give me strength to follow You and the peace in You to suffer well in trials.” Any other requests made to change circumstances devoid of seeking God’s will and His glory will only beget disappointment and discontent.

Were any of us asked seriously, what it is that troubles us, we must refer it to one of these heads: —either we want strength or power, vigour and life, in our obedience, in our walking with God; or we want peace, comfort, and consolation therein. Whatever it is that may befall a believer that doth not belong to one of these two heads, doth not deserve to be mentioned in the days of our complaints.

– John Owen, from the Mortification of Sin in Believers, chapter 4


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