“P.T. Forsyth once said, ‘The worst sin is prayerlessness.’ Does this statement surprise us? We usually think of murder and adultery as among the worst offenses against God and humanity. But the root of all sin is self-sufficiency–independence from the rule of God. When we fail to wait prayerfully for God’s guidance and strength, we are saying with our actions, if not with our words that we do not need Him. How much of our service is actually a “going it alone”?
The opposite of such independence is prayer in which we acknowledge our need of God’s guidance and empowerment. In this respect we have seen the example by Jesus in the Gospels. He lived and served in complete dependence on His Father. Contrary to popular views, such dependence does not limit or repress human personality. We are never so fully personal–free to become our true selves–as when we are living in complete dependence on God.”

The Tyranny of The Urgent, Charles E. Hummel; IVP Books

My wife showed me this quote and I had to share it. Thanks honey!


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