Looking For Peace in All the Wrong Places

We live in a world where people want peace. But they have no idea what peace really is. Many view peace as a feeling of escapism that they want in a moment to alleviate guilt or pressure. But true peace is that which God gives us even in the midst of trials and tribulation. We are to find our consolation in God, not in the circumstances of our lives. Joseph Alleine strongly reproves worldly ‘peace’ showing that it is in fact a mark of the unconverted…..

Men are willing to cherish in themselves, upon ever so slight grounds, a hope that there condition is good, and so are not concerned about a change, and by these means perish in their sins. Are you at peace? Show me upon what grounds your peace is maintained. Is it Scripture peace? Can you show the distinguishing marks of a sound believer? Can you evidence that you have something more than any hypocrite in the world ever had? If not, fear this peace more than any trouble; and know that a carnal peace commonly proves the most mortal enemy of the soul, and whilst it smiles and kisses and speaks fairly, it fatally smites, as it were, under the fifth rib.

This strong statement is a good lens for us to look through to check our affections and compromises we make even as Christians. What do we lean on? Interestingly, the next paragraph starts off with…

By this time I think I hear my readers crying out, with the disciples, ‘Who then shall be saved?’ Set out from our congregations all those…profane on the one hand, and then take all these…self-deceiving hypocrites on the other hand, and tell me whether it is not a remnant that shall be saved. How few will be the sheep that shall be left….

Quotes from, Alarm To The Unconverted by Joseph Alleine (1634 – 1668); Read here or buy here


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