God Is The Theme!

My goodness, enough is enough. They might as well come out with a study Bible called,

The All About Me Study Bible
the Bible you want, when you want

In a culture where we have a pill to pop for just about everything we want to escape, or simply not deal with, we seem to have even more perspectives to wrap Scripture with, just so we can feel good about the Bible we read, just so we can feel good, instead of convicted. Does this not sound an alarm with anyone? As I recently told someone, I hate thematic Bibles! If you want a theme, how about God? Is He not enough for us to be satisfied with? Is God not big enough? Are we not distracted enough as it is, without adding a theme to sacred Scripture? God is revealing Himself. What can be added to Him? Well, as man would have it, apparently anything.

The Word of God is not treated as a Holy, Sacred book. Below are only a very few that I have come across…..

NKJV Women of Faith Devotional Bible for Women, Breast Cancer Edition–soft leather-look, pink

NIV Outreach Bible

NLT Life Recovery Bible

NIV Wild About Horses Bible, Toffee Brown

Becoming #2: The Complete NCV New Testament for Women

NLT Girls Life Application Study Bible, Glittery Grape Butterfly

NKJV Axis: A Study Bible for Teens

NCV Maximized Living Bible, Hardcover

The Action Bible

NIV Celebrate Recovery Bible, Softcover

NCV Life Connecting Bible – Imitation leather, navy blue/gray

KJV Life in the Spirit Study Bible, Hardcover (Previously titled The Full Life Study Bible)

The Comic Book Bible

NIV Backpack Bible, Italian Duo-Tone ™, Pizzazz Purple

Joyce Meyers’ Everyday Life Bible

NKJV New Spirit-Filled Life Bible for Women, Imitation leather, blue/blue

Armor of God Bible, Italian Duo-Tone

The NKJV American Patriot’s Bible,

NIV Aspire: The New Women of Color Study Bible

KJV, Men of Color Study Bible, Bonded Leather, Black

Themes are added to presuppositionalize the Word of God. The presupposition then becomes the rule and guide for our Biblical interpretation. Basically, someone writes a book with their ideas and then sprinkles them throughout a Bible, and then the book now becomes a “ (your title here) Study Bible”. To put it another way, we add themes to add an idea or a perspective that we want established to be the rule and guide for thought and reason, and then we add the Word of God, that God’s word may be interpreted with the established presupposition. This is backwards. Bibles are thematized that they might attract people to buy them. This is an exploitation of the humanistic, idolatrous bent that man has within him. It is pleasant to the eyes and is desirable to make one wise. Why, we will be like God knowing good and evil. So, you can have it any way you like.

But you don’t have to look, study, or even read very long before you realize that the theme running throughout the Bible is God. In fact, the fourth word in the Bible is God, In the beginning God….

Oh, that the theme of every sermon preached, every class taught, and every conversation had would be the theme of the glorious, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, gracious, merciful, righteous, holy God that we know through Jesus Christ. Christ is not the garnish to the meal we eat. He is the Meal, the Bread, and the Wine.


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