My Young Writer Returns!

My fifth grade son wrote this short story for school

Food Wars

In the weird world of food, an almighty and powerful corndog known as “King Weenie” has been warned by a lasagna spy that an evil and crazy man of the forest, a psychopath, known as “Pizza Fool” was going to attack his candy kingdom. King Weenie made a speech to the fruits, veggies, junk food and the others. They ran into the candy palace for safety. King Weenie gathered his army of tater tot warriors and green bean archers. Some of his men were on cheap Publix brand animal crackers. When they came out, Pizza Fool’s army of sour patch wizards and potato chip swordsmen were already there, they charged, food flung everywhere. King Weenie’s men shot off the flaming meatballs. This war went on for three years. Once they won the war, King Weenie was killed in his sleep by a gummy bear¬†assassin from Pizza Fool. The gummy bear killed King Weenie with a golden tooth pick filled with venom from a snake. Many of King Weenie’s ancestors died by this weapon. When he died some kid picked him up and ate him.

Story by Timothy Phillips

(picture by Justin Bird)


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