Edwards On Enoch

I’m teaching a Sunday School class at church on Old Testament saints and how they typify Christ. My first week is introduction on why it is important to study their lives looking at the faith that binds us to them in Christ. Since I’m using Hebrews 11 as my control text for the next six weeks as I work through a few of these faithful men, I’m going to be adding a short study on the life of Enoch as a part of the first class based on verse 5.

I have always been enthralled with the story of Enoch, after all, how many people have been translated that they would not see death? Only two in Scripture. Some have even died twice.

I found this helpful quote by Jonathan Edwards concerning what we see being accomplished by God, in the life of Enoch, for our encouragement, and for His glory.

“Now this translation of Enoch was the first instance that ever was of restoring the ruins of the fall with respect to the body. There had been many instances of restoring the soul of man by Christ’s redemption, but none of redeeming and actually saving the body till now. All the bodies of the elect are to be saved as well as their souls at the end of the world; all the bodies of the saints shall actually be redeemed: those that then shall have been dead, by a resurrection; and others that then shall be living, by causing them to pass under a glorious change. And before this there was a number of the bodies of saints raised and glorified at Christ’s resurrection and ascension, and before that was an instance of a body glorified in Elijah, but the first instance of all was this of Enoch, that we are now speaking of.”

-Jonathan Edwards, from The History of Redemption


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