The Essential Owen


I have started a new blog which will exclusively focus on the writings of John Owen, my favorite theologian.

Why am I doing this? From the about page…

“John Owen was arguably the most brilliant theologian of the English language. While he was extraordinarily brilliant, his writings were not always extraordinarily accessible. It is the intention of this site and its author to glean from the good doctor, quotes and excerpts that show the Christ centered world view of this gifted Puritan divine.”

Click here to check it out, and feel free to share any great Owen quotes that have helped you!


7 thoughts on “The Essential Owen

  1. An interesting quote from Owen:

    John Owen, probably the most prominent and respected academic leader of Bunyan’s own era, once went to hear Bunyan preach. Charles II, hearing of it, asked the learned doctor of divinity why someone as thoroughly educated as he would want hear a mere tinker preach. Owen replied: “May it please your Majesty, if I could possess the tinker’s abilities to grip men’s hearts, I would gladly give in exchange all my learning.”

    (Cited on the Pyromaniacs blog)

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