The Reason For Desperate Plunges

I recently listened to a sermon in which Spurgeon was quoted, stating that parents should teach their children to trust Christ before they teach them to love Him. Because the concept of love, to the mind of man is too distorted and most often, meant only with association to affection, as that is an aspect, but not the sole characteristic of love. But trust implies dependence, and that is what God has designed our faith for, else it is not faith in and from God.

Richard Sibbes talks on how and why God exercises our faith…

“God often times defers to help his children until they be in extremity, till they be at their wits’ end, because he will have them live by faith and not by sight; as good Jehoshaphat, ‘We know not what to do, but our eyes are towards thee,’ 2 Chron. xx. 12. So St Paul received the sentence of death in himself, that he might trust in the living God, 2 Cor. i. 9. This is the cause of divine desertions, why God leaves his children in desperate plunges, seeming to be an enemy to them, because he will have us live by faith; and when we live by it, then he rewards us.”

– Richard Sibbes, from his Divine Meditations and Holy Contemplations; of Works, volume 7, page 213


2 thoughts on “The Reason For Desperate Plunges

  1. A related historical observation: it used to be that if you wanted to compliment someone on their godliness, you would tell others that he “fears God.” Now, we tell others that he “loves God.” I think this to be a telling difference in theology, which is not to say either is unbiblical. It is a matter of emphasis.

  2. Hmm…good point. In fact, the Bible even emphasizes the fear of God, at least it seems to me from what I can recall, over our loving God. We must fear so that we don’t have to fear, right? Exodus 20:20

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