Corporate Worship Is Not For Evangelism

“My church does not evangelize enough during the worship service!”

Many Christians say this. And to that I ask the question, Then who are you putting first, if you focus on lost people during a worship service? The worship service is not for the gratification of the lost. It is however, for the children of God to offer up corporate exaltation and thanksgiving to God. If a sinner is converted during a worship service, then Praise God for it. But that is not what we are to design the worship service around. Worship is for God, period.

So many churches market themselves as a local attraction to get the volume of business up. But the church is supposed to be concerned with being attractive to Christ, just as a bride seeks to attract her groom. When we gather as a church, and we look for attention from any other than God, we are committing false worship, worshiping an idol.

No, the worship service is not for people, it is for the contemplation of the glory of God. It is for being consumed with Him. It is for longing to be with Him. It is for being reminded that one day we will no longer be in this world, but will one day embrace Christ in the world to come.


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