Jesus The Saviour

Many there be who think they know our Lord, but since they only speak of Him as a prophet, a teacher, or a leader, and care not for Him as a Saviour, we are clear that they are in ignorance as to His chief character. His first name, His personal name, they know not. The Holy Spirit cannot have revealed Christ to any man if that man remains ignorant of His saving power. He who does not know Him as Jesus, the Saviour, does not know Him at all.

Certain anti-Christian Christians are craftily extolling Christ that they may smite Jesus: I mean that they cry up Jesus as Messiah, sent of God, to exhibit a grand example and supply a pure code of morals, but they cannot endure Jesus as a Saviour, redeeming us by His blood, and by His death delivering us from sin. I am not sure they follow His example 0f holy living, but they are very proud in extolling it, and all with the purpose of drawing off men’s thoughts from the chief character and main object of our Lord’s sojourn among us, namely, the deliverance of His people from sin.

If men knew our Lord they would call Him Jesus the Saviour, and regard Him not merely as a good man, a great teacher, a noble exemplar, but as the Saviour of sinners.

-Charles H. Spurgeon, from a sermon entitled Jesus


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