Holy Self-Suspicion

One final quote from Thomas Manton’s Farewell Sermon. There is something in a man’s words that should cause us to pause and listen when that man is a persecuted minister of the gospel and is legally preaching his last sermon before being ejected from his pulpit. Manton’s Farewell Sermon is precious because in these final words he speaks of watching over themselves that they may safeguard against sin. His final words from his pulpit are words of exhortation, encouragement, caution…as if he were saying to them, “Be careful over yourselves dear ones, though the earthly shepherd be removed from you, be found all the more diligent in your obedience to The Good Shepherd from Heaven, and so keep yourselves from sin.” The sweetness of his concern is because it is not a self-concern. No, he has concern for these people, and that they may slip, so he says,

“Watch over thyself with a holy self-suspicion, because thou hast sin within thee that doth easily beset thee; therefore consider thy ways, Ps. 119:59; guard thy senses, Job 33:1; but, above all, keep thy heart, Prov. 4:23. Conscience must stand porter at the door, and examine what comes in and what goes out. Watch over the stratagems of Satan, and seducing motions of thy own heart.”

– Thomas Manton, from his Farewell Sermon, in volume 2 of Works, page 419

To read this sermon in its entirety, we have a page here to go to.


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