Do All Unto The Glory of God… Even Eating

We may eat and drink for the nourishment of our bodies; but this must not justle out our respect to the glory of God. If the nourishment of our bodies be the only end of our eating and drinking, it is sinful, and out of the due order.

Thus we should eat that our bodies may be refreshed; we should desire that our bodies may be refreshed, that we may be the more capable to serve and glorify God in our stations. Thus we are obliged to seek our own salvation, that God may be glorified; and not to seek God’s glory only that we may be saved; for that is to make the glory of God a stepping-stone to our own safety.

Respect to the glory of God is as salt that must be served up with every dish. The great work of our life is to glorify him; it is the end of our first and of our second creation, Isa. 43:21. ‘This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.’ We must be for God, Hos. 3:3. and live to him. This must be the end.

Do what we will, it cannot be service to God, if we do not make him our end; no more than a servant’s working to himself is service to his master. God will never be the rewarder of a work, whereof he is not the end; for if a man should build houses to all the country, if he build not one to me, I owe him nothing. Alas! to what purpose serves a generation of good works all killed by a depraved end?

– Thomas Boston, Of Man’s Chief End, volume 1 Works, pages 12-13


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