The End For Which God Gave Us A Being

Getting acquainted with Thomas Boston (1676-1732). I love how saturated with the concernment of the glory of God that his heart made evident through the medium of his writings. It is quotes like the one below that has caused me to seek counsel and instruction from the Puritans. I am blessed and reproved by their constant exultation of Christ; blessed to remember Christ and reproved when I forget Him, usually due to self-concern. Boston’s writings are passionate and they plead with us to make Christ our everything.

It is the disposition of a child of God, to submit his lot and condition in the world to the Lord, to be cut and carved as may serve his glory. Without this, one cannot be a child of God. For it is inseparable from the character of such an one, in whatever state he is, therewith to be content. Hence the apostle Paul could say, ‘As alway, so now also, Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death,’ Phil. 1:20.

It is the duty of all men to sanctify the holy name of God, to reverence, adore and honour it, in their hearts, lips, and lives. O! let us then be excited to the practice of this duty, considering that it is the end for which God gave us a being; that if we do not hallow it, we contradict this very petition, praying for a thing we have no mind to comply with; that if we live in the neglect of this duty, God will get honour to himself by inflicting heavy judgments upon us in this life, and by making us eternal monuments of his vengeance in the next; that when we come to encounter with the king of terrors, it will tend to sweeten the awful prospect, that we have made it our business to glorify the name of God; that we will loose nothing, but be great gainers, by honouring the name of the Lord; for they that do so shall be reckoned among his jewels, and be a royal diadem in the Lord’s hand; they shall be happy in death, and be safely conveyed to Immanuel’s land where glory dwells. Let us then make it the principal business of our lives to glorify God, that so we may come to enjoy him for ever.

-Thomas Boston, from A Body of Divinity, volume 2 of Works, page 570

(Also, The Works of Thomas Boston have just been added to the Free Puritan Works page for download in pdf format)


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