God Never Changes His Mind

God never changes His mind with respect to what He has purposed to do. God’s purposes are eternal, all of them. He purposes nothing anew. He decreed infinite ages back every act and every event, little and great, that ever comes to pass. And these events don’t grow out of conceit of any of His old purposes, and by thinking more upon the matter. Nor does He ever add to His purposes. He purposes nothing anew. Men purpose and form resolutions as they find occasion; they mend their designs and form them more perfectly by thinking longer upon them. But it is not so with God.

It is not with God as it is with man. Although man may have amassed a great treasure of knowledge, yet he cannot have in actual view but a few things at the same moment. Though there may be many things treasured up in the memory, and the mind may have a habitual knowledge of them, yet it actually sees and thinks of what it knows but now and then. But God has all things, every moment, as in actual view. There is no succession in His thoughts. He doesn’t sometimes think of one thing and sometimes of another; but everything and every circumstance was perfectly in His understanding and before His mind in actual view from all eternity-and is so still without one moments intermission.

-Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), from a sermon entitled, God Never Changes His Mind [The Puritan Pulpit American Series: Jonathan Edwards; 2004, Soli Deo Gloria Publications]


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