When We Grieve The Spirit

Though the Spirit of God be given to believers, and worketh in them, yet believers themselves may do or omit such things as may obstruct the working, and obscure the very being of the Spirit of God in them. … He dealeth with us in his evidencing and comforting work, as we deal with him in point of tenderness and obedience to his dictates; there is a grieving, yea, there is a quenching of the Spirit by the lusts and corruptions of those hearts in which he dwelleth; and though he will not forsake his habitation, as a Spirit of sanctification, yet he may for a time desert it as a Spirit of consolation, Psal. 51:11.

– John Flavel, from The Method of Grace in The Gospel Redemption, volume 2 of Works, page 334

The Method of Grace is a series of 35 sermons preached by Flavel found in volume 2 of the collected works.


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