Brandon Phillips

Who is Brandon Phillips?
Probably what you have heard……though I am not the baseball player! Professionally, I am a custom cabinet and furniture maker. By now you are probably beginning to understand why Woodshop is in the title of the blog. The reason for Puritan’s in the title, as you will see, is because we will principally focus on Puritan reformed literature, with a few exceptions.

Also, I am a sinner. I have proven it over and over again. And God has proven Himself ¬†gracious and merciful to me, a sinner. I will not go into specifics here about my sins because I do not want to glorify them. But know that “I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Saviour.” (-John Newton) Sin should only be considered in that it points us to a Saviour, and in that consideration we should be humbled and exult all the more in Christ.

This is why I read the Puritans and those like them. There is more piety, Christ centered contemplation, and God glorified thinking in their writings than any other writings, save The Word of God, that I have ever come across before. I am encouraged by them and I hope, God willing, that you may find some encouragement in what you read here as well.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay! Please feel free to leave a comment, or to get in touch via e-mail:

God Bless!



14 thoughts on “Brandon Phillips

  1. Brandon,

    Thanks for providing this Christ-centered site for us folks to benefit greatly from.

    There are so many insightful, thoughtful and encouraging quotes to read and be blessed by. And by the way, I REALLY like the pictures. Well done, well done.

    I’ve bookmarked you for many more visits in the future. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing here for the body of Christ.

    ~ Erik

    1. Erik,

      Thank you for the kind words. It is truly an encouragement. As is the work you are doing with the Ryle Quotes site. It is your work there that has been a contributing factor in me starting the John Owen quotes site.

      Thanks again Erik and God bless,


  2. !Oh, how I desire to see my spanish speaking pastors treasure the legacy that all the puritans have left behinf for God’s glory and our edification. Some I fear have not even read one single book on the puritans. I praise God that more tittles are now appearing in spanish.

  3. Hi Brandon,
    I have been Downloading the works of John Flavel from your great and usefull site. I much appreciate being able to do this as I can read them on the PC whereas, because of my sight, the books I have of Puritan Works are harder to read. Vol 5 of Flavel refuses to download saying “the file is damaged and cannot be repaired” I will try again at a later date but is it possible for you to check that file for me and perhaps if it is damaged, replace it ?

    1. Hello Jeff!
      I checked out volume 5 of Flavel’s works and it seems to be working fine. I hope it was only a temporary glitch. Try downloading it again and if you are still having problems, let me know and I’ll see if I can email that volume to you.
      Anyway, let me know and happy reading!

      1. Hi Brandon,
        Greetings in our Saviours Precious Name.
        I have tried again three times on a lap top and a PC same thing happens it says downloading gets to 54.35MB which is the full book and then up pops this window saying “file damaged and could not be repaired” and nothing more happens. I would be very grateful if you could email me the file,if at all possible, as I have failed to find another site from which to download it freely.
        Kindest Regards
        Jeff Maxwell

  4. Hi Brandon,
    I have still been trying to dowmload Flavel volume 5 but still have the same result, time and time again, All the other files that I wanted have downloaded ok, so thank you very much for your site.
    Kindest regards
    Jeff Maxwell

  5. I have already bookmarked the site. I was amazed to see all the available material to read. I have read only one book, On the mortification on sin, an edition by Kapic. Thank you so much for the get work you have done by making available for download.
    God is already blessing you for this.

  6. Hi Brandon. Thanks so much for putting up the “Essential Owen” and his works. I am helping establish a Reformed community here in the Philippines, and I’m just starting to read Owen seriously. I’ll visit the Essential Owen regularly.

  7. Hello friend. Under your Thomas Boston quotes you have a photograph of a volume from Boston’s complete works, burgundy with gold embosing. Would you tell me who publishes these beautiful volumes?
    By the way, your website has wonderful aesthetics, truly lovely to view.

  8. Brandon,
    I came across your site a couple of years ago and was truly encouraged by the focus on Puritan writings (my favs!) and your devotion to edifying this sin-broken world through their works. Glad you’re back, and may His grace continue to pour into you life and the life of your family. SDG

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