The Gift on Top

This year for Christmas, my brother made, by hand I might add, probably the most unique and amazing gift I have ever received…

Since I have five siblings, we draw names for Christmas in order to keep the cost from becoming too extravagant. This year, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the last five volumes of John Owen’s 16 volume set but was even more surprised to get what came last. Below are a few pictures of the hand made leather journal/sketch book that my little brother made. He sewed all of the pages in with a leather twine and the button on the cover, used to tie the book closed, is made from a coconut. This thing feels very nice in the hands. The leather is 6 oz. tanned cow hide, so it is very thick and would probably last at least a few lifetimes. I am going to do some research to see how I may use this type of leather on a blank bible (interleaved bible) project for the cover or possibly recover a bible I have. Anyway, this present was a tremendous surprise. I love it! It’s so nice, I’m almost afraid to use it…….almost.



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